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Carefully handwritten lines are still the most personal way to communicate and today more than ever an expression of real appreciation and stylishness. Hieronymus provides support here by carefully penning all types of manuscript on paper of the finest quality. There is a choice between four different scripts in contemporary styles and 15 different colours of ink on four different shades of white paper which can be selected to suit the personality of the sender. Irrespective of the number of copies required, our in-house calligrapher prepares addresses, invitation cards, name badges, specific forms of addresses or even entire letters, making every word and every name unique.
Customers can enjoy a comprehensive personal consultation at our Flagship Store, Bärengasse 10, in Zurich.

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Timeless in their design and guaranteed to last due to their quality – all of our products are made to be handled and used every day. If you would like to have them exclusively personalised, many of our products can be tailored to your aesthetic preferences. By selecting particular material and colour combinations or by adding your monogram, these beautiful objects will become bearers of your individual style.

Personalised stationery for private correspondence

A carefully handwritten letter is the result of style and character, and creates space for personal moments. We are responding to this with mindfulness and artistic sensitivity. We listen carefully, attend with empathy and grant certainty: Together with our clients we identify the appropriate design and content for every occasion out of a rich and varied repertoire. The result is a product with unmistakable characteristics.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on +41 43 344 86 63 or to organise a personal consultation at our flagship store.

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Writing culture is also an indelible part of company culture. Whether you are addressing clients, employees or business partners – the manner in which you do so contributes substantially to the quality of the relationship. In this age of instant media, a handwritten letter on high-quality paper provides a strongly personal touch, communicates care and professionalism, and has a positive impact on the identity of the company.

If you would like to discuss how our product range can contribute to the writing culture of your company, please do not hesitate to contact us on +41 41 748 44 78 to organise a personal consultation.

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